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  • sanders September 30, 2012

    when will this song be on itunes?
    please post up the dates they will or you expect them to be and i dont use my email so dont bother to reply… just do it.

  • B October 24, 2012

    Will this song come out on Spotify? If yes, when?

  • Don October 25, 2012

    What is the real song? i seems like to hear it before

  • 梁鹏 November 18, 2012


  • Ian December 6, 2012

    When will full song be coming out. Absolutely love it.

  • NinjaMar December 12, 2012

    When will the song come out, please release it. But it is really good thank you. Tell Adam sevani I said hi.

  • Jawad December 18, 2012

    when will the song release?? it’s really Awesome!!

  • Ashleigh December 29, 2012

    when is this coming out! i love adam seavani!!!!!!!!

  • Bryan January 7, 2013

    when will this song be released?i really want to listen to this song.And Adam Sevani, he is a great dancer and wonderful dance in Step Up Revolution.

  • Elisa January 22, 2013

    So has there been an update on this song getting released?

  • LewwAy February 17, 2013

    Wonder if the full length version will ever be released.. it’s been ages!

  • ASD March 1, 2013

    I hope the full version will be released ever. The longer I wait, the less I actually like the song..
    @DON, it’s Prodigy’s Omen

  • Mari Tapia January 4, 2014

    why don’t you release the fucking song already?.
    its been a year and in pretty sure your done with it. obviously, everybody loves it and they want you to release it and your just taking way too long.
    stop being a douchebag and release it already.

  • ally March 3, 2014

    Will you please release the full song already?

  • نری August 8, 2014

    ریکی لونا خعلی باحالی!عیب نداره نمیتونی بفهمی؟پس تو خماریش بمون

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